Andrea Miracle

1. If you previously or currently serve in a public office, what did you accomplish in that capacity related to furthering inclusion and equity?

While I have not held an elected position in a public office, in my capacity as a volunteer member of the City of Edwardsville’s Plan Commission, each decision is made with the utmost care and consideration in accordance with our existing laws designed to protect against discrimination in small business practices, housing, and development.

2. What have you done or do you do in your personal and/or professional life to further inclusion and equity?

For me, understanding inclusion and equity is a journey. I strive to learn and listen thoughtfully to those that are underrepresented in our community and use that information thoughtfully and positively in my policy and decision making.

3. Do you support increasing affordable housing in Edwardsville? Why or why not? What would you like to see the City do regarding housing policy and planning?

I believe access to safe and affordable housing is a right, not a privilege. As our town continues to explore options to expand access to affordable housing for our residents, I hope to see exploration of programs that assist low-income residents in bridging the gap between their take-home pay and the affordability of our existing housing options. I look forward to reading the strategy component of the housing study conducted by the City of Edwardsville to assess and understand our needs and see the City Council identify strategies that set realistic, achievable goals for our community.

4. How do you feel the City has done in implementing the recommendations from its 2020 Race Relations and Equality Report? If elected, would you support improving race relations and racial equality in Edwardsville? Why or why not? What would you like to see the City do regarding race relations and equality?

I am happy to see the City of Edwardsville increasing the diversity of staff and implementing other directives from the 2020 survey. I would like to see race relations and racial equity and equality continue to improve, and look forward to seeing the results of the current survey. The citizens of our community that are underrepresented are best suited to speak on progress and current needs. I view my role as a City Council person to be a voice for those needs, and amplifying the voices of those who are directly impacted.

5. Do you support the City of Edwardsville utilizing affirmative action policies in employment and contracting? Why or why not?

I fully support actions that establish access to employment opportunities and that create a workforce that is a reflection of the talented, qualified, and diverse individuals in our area without barriers.

6. Do you support the City of Edwardsville’s Human Relations Committee’s recommendation to change the names of the City’s Daddy Daughter Dance and Mother Son Day of Fun events to have gender-inclusive titles? Why or why not?

As the definition of family and gender evolve, I think it’s always important to seek the opinions and voices of those that may have felt under-represented. I support a commitment that everyone feels welcome and included at city wide events. I was encouraged by the recent changes to the invitation and found that to be a progressive and collaborative effort by the city. As Alderman, I will always be open to conversation around inclusivity.

7. Do you support relocating the Ninian Edwards statue out of City Plaza? Why or why not?

Do you think the conference room in city hall should continue to be named the Governor Edwards Conference Room? Why or why not?

I am pleased to see that the statue is no longer on a pedestal. Our history should not be erased or misrepresented, but racism, discrimination, and those who uphold such values have no place being enshrined within our community. The approval of the new interactive display at city plaza will give the citizens of Edwardsville and our visitors a chance to learn the complete and honest truth about Ninian Edwards, so that we may learn from our past without forgetting the progress we have made.

8. If elected (or re-elected), what would you do to foster inclusion and equity in Edwardsville?

As Alderman, I would promote, uplift, and uphold ideas from both community leaders and community members that foster and increase equity and inclusion. I will continue to listen and learn from our community to make sure their needs intersect my decisions and policy making procedures in way that is inclusive and equitable to all.