Larry Miller

1. If you previously or currently serve in a public office, what did you accomplish in that capacity related to furthering inclusion and equity?

I previously served on the Edwardsville Plan Commission.

2. What have you done or do you do in your personal and/or professional life to further inclusion and equity?

The terms inclusion and equity are new to me. I only became aware of them during the past few months. In my previous professions, I supported equal opportunity and treatment programs.

3. Do you think the Ninian Edwards statue should remain in City Plaza? Why or why not?

I feel the statue should remain where it is. A group of citizens planned and paved the way for the erection of the statue of the person the city is named for. As I understand the committee formed to consider the statue consisted of a multi-cultural mix of citizens.

4. Do you support the City of Edwardsville utilizing affirmative action policies in employment and contracting? Why or why not?

I support affirmative action policies and was not aware that these policies were not in effect or being followed.

5. If elected/re-elected, what would you do to foster inclusion and equity in Edwardsville?

As I am still learning the full scope of the terms inclusion and equity, I believe, at this time, that the city effectively using the Human Rights Committee will foster the desired outcome.