Jennifer Warren

1. If you previously or currently serve in a public office, what did you accomplish in that capacity related to furthering inclusion and equity?


2. What have you done or do you do in your personal and/or professional life to further inclusion and equity?

I have a history of successfully encouraging various boards that I have been a part of to become more diverse.

As I have had opportunities to hire staff, I have a history of hiring women and minorities.

3. Do you think the Ninian Edwards statue should remain in City Plaza? Why or why not?

When it comes to the statue, with all due respect to those that contributed to the effort to erect it in 2008, when it comes to this topic, my guiding philosophy can best be expressed by paraphrasing Maya Angelou

“When you know better, do better.”

Given this and what I know now – if it were entirely up to me, I would have it relocated.

4. Do you support the City of Edwardsville utilizing affirmative action policies in employment and contracting? Why or why not?

The structure of this question implies that this is not currently a practice of the city – This would be a matter that I would look into as a city council member given the fact that there are ordinances in place that address these issues.

5. If elected/re-elected, what would you do to foster inclusion and equity in Edwardsville?

If elected, I would use my position to implement the recently adopted “Directive for Improving Race Relations and Equality in Edwardsville.”